Experience Economy has come purifier enterprises attach importance to individual consumers and emoti

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Recently, there was news that a brand will be opened next year's second line museum and now consumer demand for increasingly high-consumption experience, water purifier enterprises to the next line, immersive these days ?

water purification industry experience economy emerged

economic and social development is closely related to changes in patterns, along with science and technology, the ever-changing information industry development, people's needs and desires, consumer spending patterns have been affected accordingly, experience economy came into being.

The so-called experience economy, is an enterprise service-focused, commodity-material, for the consumer to create a memorable experience, focused mainly on traditional economic function of the product Powerful, appearance, price advantage, experience and thinking identity in order to seize the consumer's attention, changing consumer behavior, and to find new products with survival value space.

is a complex experience is varied, it can be divided into different forms, and unique and each has its own inherent structure and processes. These experiences form is created by the media through a specific experience, to reach effective marketing purposes.

enterprises should focus on communication between customers

very good, some domestic enterprises can be transferred directly to experiential marketing, most companies still need traditional marketing features and benefits were up classes. Water purification companies should focus on communication between customers, discover their inner desire to stand in the customer experience point of view, to examine their products and services. Subject to the customer's true feelings, to establish service experience.

Although, at this stage of Internet development is very fast, but electric water purifier business development has been the head of the two mountains, one last kilometer problem, delivery, installation and after-sales service; the second is the consumer to buy previous experience. The experience becomes a top priority, water purifier companies only enhance the consumer experience, in order to win in the market competition.

(Source: Chinese word of mouth network)