Liters of water purifiers to protect your body's second kidney

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does not harm the kidneys caused by water, water purifiers to protect your body's second kidney

In recent years, many people are protecting the kidneys by a variety of drugs, in fact, form in life all kinds of bad eating habits and constantly hurt your kidney, you just have not noticed it. So to protect your kidneys, poor diet and living habits must begin to change.

without water due to damage to the kidneys

Most people did not drink much interest, I do not even think it important, but in fact this is likely to cause significant bodily harm. Our metabolism waste mainly by the liver and kidney treatment, accounting for only 1% of the body weight of the kidneys have to accept the systemic cardiac output 1/4, there will be 1-2 liters of blood per minute through the kidneys, therefore, accept the kidney waste far more than other organs and organ. The kidney is the most important waste balance, metabolism, physiological activities mediator responsible for body water and electrolyte produced, side by side in the urine, but when it carried out these functions, you need enough water to assist.

solution: to develop the habit of drinking more water can dilute the urine, so urine rapid discharge, not only to prevent stones, but also conducive to the urine fades when eating too much salt, so as to protect the kidneys.

Why water purifier is to protect your body's second kidney that? I am sure you are full of doubt.

First, we must first look at the flow of water in the body: the body first into the water to the stomach, then into the intestine, the intestinal absorption into the liver, the liver and then interpreted into the blood circulation will be safe .

but it is only responsible for interpretation of liver detoxification not responsible, we would like to ask:!? We drank a few years with a lot of impurities in the water, so much garbage that the water where to go yet here we Also I have to mention a very important organ of the human body - that is, the two partners kidney is put into our bodies to filter out impurities (kidney filtration is the body's largest organ), it's non-stop all the time our blood is the filtration process, it is useful to stay let them back into the blood circulation, it is useless to store filtered out into the bladder and then excreted into urine.

wanted to please everyone: When high impurity content of the water we drink them when the kidneys to bear a very heavy burden filter, not once some impuritiesWell effectively be filtered out, they will slowly, slowly accumulated in our bodies, falling in deep, it is likely to form stones (gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, urinary tract stones, lose hose stones, etc.). If you accumulate in the vessel wall, or present in the blood in it, it will lead to vascular stenosis or blockage, increased blood viscosity, causing a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. At the same time, some impurities may also damage our kidneys cells, you know? Human kidney cells are non-renewable, once it is no longer damaged beyond repair.

a normal kidney will increase with age and gradually reduced after the age of twenty, to seven or eight years of age, if still alive and healthy, and that he was only the size of the kidney the lower third of his youth. Friends ah! Take good care of your kidneys it! This is an inevitable move longevity!

Because of the limited human kidney filtration function, we need outside help to help detoxification. Think of detoxification, it should go ahead and reduce the intake of toxic substances is the most sensible choice, home water purifier just to meet such needs, effectively rid the water of harmful substances, retention of minerals, greatly reducing kidney filtering burden to protect the birth of the kidney, creating good conditions for our health and longevity.