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[network] water purifier investment for users in terms of decoration is a cumbersome and headache, renovation of water lines is the first threshold decoration, just change the water problem can not be ignored, especially to install a full user-house water purification equipment, not only for professional waterway design, but also the planned installation position of the whole house water purification equipment to ensure the normal operation of the machine. This will undoubtedly make the housing problem of water reform more difficult, therefore, this raises high demands on the professional level of whole-house engineers.


Haier water purifier in order to meet the needs of users, for the whole house designer, developed a very rigorous application, evaluation and a series of evaluation mechanisms, screening and training a group of professional and service of the designer - gold excellent water home. Designers can provide users with the perfect plan waterway, screened in line with user needs and plan the whole house water purification product design and installation location of water purification equipment, 360-degree track, understand, and solve the needs of users, tailored to meet the requirements of users Plumbing solution.


The United States is still Shijiazhuang, Li Guang, it was one of the outstanding gold medal excellent water home. Mr. Wang was originally purple Yufu central air-conditioning customers, Li in communication with the user's perceived, the user's home water purification equipment is not installed in the understanding of all aspects of Mr. Wang's home, personal consumption habits, product preferences, etc. after, it is the first time for three users tailored solutions to its recommendation for their selection. Also, during a business trip Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang Li also with the ongoing micro-channel communication and timely resolution of Mr. Wang's concerns and issues repeatedly come to the installation location, water distribution, etc. of communication, has been recognized by Wang and trust.

Wang eventually purchased a set of visual filtering effects, and other intelligent network functions in one set of lines CMX. "Haier water purification products not only very good, I am most satisfied with is the designer's professional and attentive service, a good solution for the water needs of our family." Mr. Wang said.


As the water purification industry leading brand, Haier water purification adhere to user needs as the core, to become the era of things - the wisdom of drinking scene customized solutions leader program. By integrating IOT IOT cloud platform, big data analysis and other techniques to create the wisdom of the whole house water purification system; the same time through continuous training and assessment of whole-house designers to improve the designer's expertise, to provide usersThings era interoperability, active service water purification experience.

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