Good and bad to buy water purification products to consider their needs

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Currently drinking mixed products market, consumers face little attention will be pit. In order to avoid being taken, in the purchase of water purification products, consumers must keep their eyes open. How to buy a home water purifier? Small series to focus on the introduction, hope can help to you. 净水器产品良莠不齐 选购要考虑自身需求

a. Understanding your local water quality

China's vast territory, also large differences in water quality, in general, the northern hard water and impurities, should buy with advanced filtering ion exchange resin cartridge water filter or water softener; south the water is soft, heavy metals and serious secondary pollution, water quality requirements of high family can buy pure water, local water quality is better if you can also choose to ultrafiltration machine. For water pollution is more serious, such as the Huaihe River Haihe River, Liaohe River and other industrial wastewater was severely damaged watershed areas and some of the industrial city, city water is generally poor, it is recommended choose a reverse osmosis membrane technology water purifier, more effectively remove bacteria, impurities, heavy metals and the like.

II. The purpose is to confirm the drinking water or water for domestic water

average household water consumption, water use is also more, in addition to direct drink, cook and clean and so on all need water, thus there are different requirements for water quality. Domestic water can be selected for this whole house water purifiers, whole house water purifier is installed in a home total inlet, whole house water purifier to provide for home water purifier, the core technologies include water purifier and filtration media type RO membrane type water purifier, filter media type water purifier can effectively remove rust municipal tap water, sediment, bacteria, viruses, organic molecules and heavy metals and other harmful substances, retain beneficial minerals and trace elements, and provide large flow of water. Domestic water can be selected so that whole house water purification scheme, such as a central home water purifier whole house filtration, the water softener and the like. However, whole house water purification system in advance during the decoration requires pipes, drinking water can have a variety of pre-row selection and matching is not required, such as front central water + softener + + Central drink straight or front + central water + softener machine.

净水器产品良莠不齐 选购要考虑自身需求

III. Understand home water purifier installation location, size and manner

Although more water purifier into people's homes, but in fact, the vast majority of users do not understand water purifier knowledge, often too hasty purchase, they simply need to purchase and without reasonable considering the overall living conditions of the family, leading to buy size,Unsuitable style of water purifier, unnecessary to actually install a lot of trouble. So small advice must have a clearer understanding of the environment in the home before buying, such as the optional central water purifier is best carried out before the renovation, home help staff can install the view layout, and provide water purification installation location and With reference to comments.

IV. Understand water purifier brand and qualification

Now many water purifier market brand, but quite a mixed bag, at the time of purchase must first understand the relevant brands and businesses, not biased or online Some of publicity to be combined in many ways to learn. For example, do regular network brand or company's official website detailed inquiries, contact the factory customer service consulting, or go to some of the larger stores or professional reputation of an integrated secure store brand counters or ask a professional shopping guide, you can also find out the real number of buyers usage, and multiple comparison of different brands not, shop around. Such a thorough understanding of, and to send out a selection you want, but when your product.

When consumers buy water purifier to remember that the most expensive is not the best water purifier is the most appropriate. Many factors must be combined in order to ultimately choose to desirable products.