Nepal IFC will provide $ 6 billion for hydropower development

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According to <<崛起的尼泊尔>> Daily April 16 reported that the CEO of the World Bank member organizations of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Cai Jinyong recently met with visiting Minister of Finance of Nepal Mahat said in Washington, IFC will provide 6 billion Nepal US dollars (about 600 billion Nepalese rupees) funds for hydropower development, mainly to support Nepal 3000MW electricity production and transmission of the power grid construction. IFC also recommended that Nepal rupee bond issue to raise the hydropower industry development funds. At present, the hydropower projects in Nepal IFC investment includes 38MW of Ka Beili hydropower projects, hydropower projects on Cui was I of 213MW, 600MW hydropower project launched with Di, the 900MW hydropower project on the Canary Wulungu and 900MW of hydropower projects.