Understand consumer sentiment purifier companies can market segments Fun

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Xiao Bian language: Now in this era of material excess, only a lot more consumer choice, water purifier business want with their own products in the market to stand out, attract the attention of target consumer groups, is not so easy. Water purifier companies need to consider how close to the consumer's psychological expectations to the maximum extent, so that consumers hesitate to buy orders.

懂得消费者情愫 净水器企业才能玩转细分市场

Today, many companies put water purifiers how hot products focus on the issue of thinking. Many enterprises can grasp the selling point of the product itself, but over a single selling point is indeed difficult to attract more consumers. Therefore, the product of deep excavation selling point for consumers looking for the heart of the affair is the coup.

middle class tend to high-end consumer

With China's rapid economic development, the growing middle class of this group, these people literate, also standing in the community, the economy is relatively strong, consumer goods grade natural demanding. To distinguish colors and textures of the classical style, European style, rustic or water purifiers and other products, from the price, brand, style reflects a commitment to luxury, elegance and a sense of achievement, these water purifiers positive appeals to middle-class tastes of these people, they are often a soft spot for this kind of tonality.

wage earners pay attention to cost-effective

In another example, a number of "high migration" city, many consumers often do not intend to stay long in this life, they asked for water purifiers is practical, and the price is low demand, such people tend to be middle and low plate purifier is very popular, not only fashion, nor precious.

groups of children to play the green card

In children, youth groups, play green card can often achieve wonders, Chinese parents spend on children especially can, environmentally friendly water purifier itself as the first choice, it was more expensive to buy it. Therefore, different groups, different product characteristics should be emphasized that, in order to meet their psychological demands, of course, this emphasis should be realistic.

In general, the water purifier is not a cold household goods, it can also communicate with people, to communicate with people and get along. Water purifier companies only from diverse demands of consumers, targeted to begin to build the product selling point, the market will getRecognition.