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Is caused by water purification effect is not obvious what causes it? If you buy a water purifier before because they have a certain understanding, we know there is a water purifier for water requirements, especially household water purifiers, water can not use any household water purifiers to purify, which requires advance water is municipal tap water. If not municipal water, there might be a heavy silt. Some water out of the tap water is not the person in charge, but after some simple processing, such as to water and other viruses and bacteria, in addition to the smell of ammonia and nitrogen. Even water plant out of the water is very clean, before some old water pipe is galvanized pipe, this pipe a long time, it will be aging rust, causing water turbidity. These are the real reason causing household water purification effect is not obvious, and into the water in the sediment, rust is easy to pollution and congestion caused by the filter in the water purifier no water or poor water purification phenomenon. Well, municipal water is not water, we are not on the White bought a water purifier, of course not, if the water plant's water, how do we solve this problem? Small advice, do not direct the water purifier installation, the correct approach is to add a pre-filter in front of the water purifier, the principle of doing so is to carry out a pre-treatment of water, filter out most of the water and sediment rust, thus ensuring water purifier into the water is clean. This can not only keep us safe, you can also extend the life of the water purifier.