Quality PP cotton filter analysis and use of

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PP cotton filter on the market has been widely popular, and more and more types of cartridges, we inevitably some distress in the choice, this article will teach you how to choose a good quality filter.
First, how to judge good or bad quality PP cotton filter
must be optimistic when we choose the cartridge filter material, filter material is available in the market a lot of paper, filter paper good very good performance those poor quality filter using filter paper, and can not prevent dust from entering the engine, it will affect the normal operation of the machine. Formal uniform color filter paper, paper formation. The poor quality filter paper color is not uniform, poor texture. Second, you can see the glial filter, the filter of a very good regular gum, flexibility, and low-quality rubber filter weak, poor texture.
PP cotton filter
Second, the problem needs to be noted that when replacing the PP cotton filter
After prolonged use of the filter to be replaced when less than the length of the filter to be replaced we can solve by increasing rubber pad method. Also note that the filter placed in the filter being placed in the filter bottle when not to twist hard twist if the screw fixed to unscrew the cartridge filter bottle being put back, so as not to damage the filter. After installation, the filter must first rinse, then access to the back of the system, to ensure that the rinsing time is generally 5 minutes or more. In fact, there is a problem in the end at what time the filter replacement, there is no hard and fast criteria, filter use time will depend on water quality, generally 6-8 months, but preferably not more than 1 year.
after we choose a good PP filter, is our operational problems, proper installation, replace the filter, the filter will ensure the normal operation of .