Dr. Xu Ping served as deputy general manager of Vontron

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March 1, 2018, Dr. Xu Ping officially became Vontron Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager.


Dr. Xu Ping has reverse osmosis membranes, and Advanced Micro Devices nanofiltration membrane and nearly 30 years of experience in the relevant field of engineering applications, long-term is committed to the development, production and promotion of Chinese water treatment membrane, served as excellent international and domestic film and engineering company key positions, it is the membrane water treatment industry leader, witnessed the whole process of Chinese film industry from growing into full swing.

practice in China, serving the global development concept, Vontron attaches great importance to build an international team of talent, continue to attract the industry elite. We will join the market and application development Vontron Dr. Xu Ping has brought new development ideas and innovative ideas to improve the Vontron market feedback capability and product updates speed, enhance the international influence of Chinese film products.

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