Colin poetry Seoul tells you the water purifiers to join the top ten advantageous aspect agent

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In recent years, the water purification industry has been developing rapidly, more and more people want to join up to the water purification industry, but it has always had numerous concerns, standing on the threshold of the water purification industry wandering uncertain, mainly water purification agents do not know to do good, is not really to make money? next, we explain in detail small series will join the top ten water purifier at an advantageous aspect agent, help you dispel concerns .

1, deteriorating water quality of the environment, water purifiers increasingly become a necessity. Recalling the recent years, China's economy has been developing rapidly, however, behind this rapid development, the environment is a heavy price in return, water pollution incidents continue to occur, the past few years the Songhua River, Taihu Lake water pollution incident to River floating dead pigs to the recent events in Nanjing antibiotic water pollution incident, a series of water pollution incidents make people aware of the importance of safe drinking water, provides a good opportunity for the rapid development of water purification industry, overall sales in the water purifier in recent years it has been growing exponentially.

2, the constant exposure to media reports, with the transparency and openness of the media information, water pollution incidents continue to be reported out, in particular, some time ago the media exposure of up to 50% of water is substandard, but also allow people I realized that only the installation of household water purifiers of drinking water in order to effectively solve people's health problems, water purifier lead to boom again.

3, raise living standards, improve health and raise awareness of the purchasing power of water. Water purifiers become mandatory home appliances gradually settled in ten million. The improvement of living standards, people are increasingly seeking high quality of life, health, health has become the pursuit of fashion in recent years, it can remove water impurities, to protect the health of the whole family drinking water purification products much attention.

4, continue to promote knowledge of healthy drinking water, universal. With a lot of advertising on drinking water outreach health in recent years, it has been evolving awareness of the importance of safe drinking water.

5, the market demand is increasing, domestic water purifier market maturing, domestic water purifier market is gradually being pioneering in the well-known brands to drive, expected in the next ten years, China It bears 300 billion water purifier market demand.

6, foreign water purifier market continues to expand, Asia, Africa, South America, the market continues to be developed, the market water purifier radiation around the world, Water purifier has great prospects for development.

7, mature technology and products to enhance the production and sales of water purifiers increase, making water purifiers reduce production costs significantly, the price is reduced, consumers are able to use the water purifier, which is water purifier market is gradually moving towards maturity.

8, the state strongly support the green energy industry, emphasis on energy conservation, processing importance of environmental pollution, water purification industry attention.

9, with the continuous exposure of its bottled water secondary pollution, bottled water market is gradually being phased out, and the family unit end consumer market is to purify water from the water purifier bottled water transition.

10, water purifier manufacturers involved in the development of national standards, will lead the entire water purification industry toward a more standardized way, water purification industry will usher in a new stage of development, to get more healthy and steady development.