Bi Xin water purifier initial fee how much money

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Water pollution has been a much-discussed topic in recent years have mushroomed water purification products are widely distributed in the major appliance market. In other countries, water purifier penetration rate is quite high, is home essential goods, but in our country, water purifier penetration rate is still very low. As people's safety awareness and improve the quality of life requirements, water purifier sought after by people, the industry has a promising future. Among the many brands of water purifiers, water purifiers Bi Xin is a good brand, but also attract a lot of investor attention, then how much water purifier Bi Xin initial fee? Look below to see it together. Bi Xin drinking water purifiers to address family issues, integrity, innovation, efficient, professional, win-win brand values, casting a water purifier Bi Xin unique corporate culture. Bi Xin water purifier water purifier in the field of continuous innovation, the pursuit of higher quality water purification products and quality water purification services, create more value. Bi Xin water purifiers continue to introduce advanced technology, the use of new water purification materials, and continuously upgrade products, and strive to meet the highest standards, providing customers with a 100% home experience. (Source: network intrusion deleted) Bi Xin sales of water purifiers has been increasing in recent years, sales in the market so that investors are eyes light up, you want to join the Bi Xin water purifier. Funding Bi Xin water purifier is mainly rental shop, store decoration, staff wages, brand joining fees, depending on the size and location of the city, required investment costs will be different to a standard store, for example, cost about 25 -60 million and franchisees should be carried out according to their own economic situation investment, and brand headquarters will give franchisees a lot of support, full guidance to help franchisees to quickly open market. The cost here only for your reference, specific costs or actual circumstances prevail! Bi Xin water purifier is worth joining a good project, and the company will join the system of training and great support. About Bi Xin water purifier initial fee introduced here, I believe we also have a certain understanding, if you have the intention to join, they act quickly, a good opportunity not to be missed.