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May 18, A.O. Smith Electric global environment super production and research base, officially opened in Nanjing Lishui Economic Development Zone, announced production. The total investment of about 940 million yuan, with a total planned area of ??350 acres. The current appearance of the first phase a total construction area of ??65,000 square meters, including office buildings, factories and water treatment research and development laboratory, the main production of household, commercial water purification machines, air purifiers, water softeners and other products, the total production capacity of 300 million station.

This landmark event, not only mark AO Smith brand as the industry leader, completed the transformation to upgrade again, successfully develop environmental and electronic fields, but also represent a century as AO Smith multinational giants, cultivating the Chinese market, work long-term commitment to development. Leaders from China Household Electrical Appliances Association, the United States AO Smith Corporation president and chief operating tube Kevin Wheeler, senior vice president of AO Smith Group and Ding Wei, president of China Investment Corporation, as well as a number of heavyweight guests attended the opening ceremony, witnessed this important time.

2018 is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, but also a time when A.O. Smith 20th Anniversary of China. Accompanied China's reform and opening through half of the course, A.O. Smith was able to witness China's rapid economic take-off, upgrading the manufacturing sector. All along, AO Smith is committed to become a trusted partner and enabler of technological innovation in China's economic development, adhere to the Chinese consumer as the center, through deep insight into the market, increasing innovation, with more subversive technologies and products to solve the industry's toughest problems. Today, AO Smith not only successfully establish industry leadership position, with annual sales growth of over 20% continuous outstanding results, the Chinese market has become brisk performance of foreign brands, but also with innovative technology and excellent quality, as cross-border successful model enterprise.

overweight Chinese investment environment Electric super production and research base to open a new chapter

From August 8, 2016 to lay the first pile, to May 18, 2018, AO Smith Electric super environment production and research base was officially put into operation enabled - more than six hundred days and nights, this modern production and research base embodies every human hope AO Smith, AO Smith also carries Chinese enterprises willingKing - became household, commercial hot water, heating and two net product areas recognized industry leader, better support local innovation, boost industrial change, promote economic growth.

AO Smith Electric super environment aerial view of production and research base

Mr. Ding Wei, senior vice president of AO Smith Group and China Investment Corporation president said in his speech : "we are in the process of China's 20 years of development, the always-depth insight into consumer demand, focus on innovative research and development, to solve industry problems using innovative technology, quality strategy in order to win the trust of consumers .AO Smith just go to a field, with regard to the strength of the occupation technology the high ground, so that the sound development of the industry, the environment, electrical production and research base super inaugurated, not only marks the AO Smith Electric to enter the field of the environment, but also represent us as a global company has a century of history, cultivating the Chinese market, long-term commitment to joint development of . "

Mr. Ding Wei, senior vice president of AO Smith Group and China investment Corporation president Speech

super global production and research put into operation this environmental appliances base in 2016 are classified as "major projects in Nanjing", the total investment of 940 million yuan, with a total planning area of ??350 mu, building area of ??180,000 square meters, after the completion of all, will create thousands of local jobs, driving the regional economy to achieve about several billion scale, upstream and downstream industries to promote pan the entire ecosystem, will become another engine of economic development in Nanjing.

the current appearance of the first phase of the project, with a total investment of about 500 million yuan, covers an area of ??150 acres, a total construction area of ??65,000 square meters, including office buildings, two machine and parts production plant and water treatment research and development laboratory in line with world-class standards, the next will be mainly the production of household, commercial water purification machines, air purifiers, water softeners and other environmental electrical products, total production capacity of 300 million units.

environment electrical global super production and research base line

accompanied by AO Smith Environmental electrical global super production and research base for this major investment, AO Smith will be in the environment open up a broader territory on the electrical layout, and further established the world record in water treatment and air treatment industryThe new, energy-saving, environmental protection, leadership, and global experience and leading-edge technology to China for common development.

to create a world-class laboratory standard top-class achievements processes

the world's leading industry testing unit of the United States NSF experts commented at the time of acceptance of AO Smith Electric global environment super production and research base, the project in terms of scale on or from the level of technology have reached world-class levels, the standards which the laboratory even more than the NSF own laboratory. Has always been to meet the real needs of Chinese consumers, AO Smith hit areas have sought to establish a level of precision and can reach the world's top level of the laboratory, dedicated to the practice of using the world's top technology and rigorous exploration, to build innovation as Chinese consumers boutique. The completed and put into production and research base is the super another example of the operational concept.

for the case of complex diversity of Chinese water quality, super production and research base in particular has a sophisticated analytical laboratory can conduct a comprehensive inspection of the different water quality threat of heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. These precision instruments not cheap, each surpassed one million, the cost of laboratory million level, are top-level configuration on a global scale.

For the diversity of the air pollutants, Built capable of detecting particulate removal performance test chamber, the detection accuracy of sensor test chamber sensors, independent research to quickly assess the merits of the chemical adsorbent laboratory testing platform , and bacterial laboratories, the whole life of the chamber, air flow test bench, the enthalpy difference between the room air cleaner 12 and fan new technology platform.

In addition, AO Smith also has an environment under simulated laboratory environment, temperature, water quality, and spiked laboratory, water physical and chemical laboratories, microbiology laboratory, semi-anechoic chamber, structural performance laboratory pumps laboratory performance, electrical performance laboratory 18 technology platforms, these top-laboratory comparison NSF, WQA a wider range of experiments. It is worth mentioning that, A.O. Smith will also apply for NSF certification, followed by the United States is the only Chinese company to obtain NSF certification lab top.

research center lab Photo

depth insight into the market A.O. Smith Electric pilot environment for Innovation and Technology

roots in China for 20 years, A.O. Smith behind the rapid growth in market share, is the depth of insight into consumer demand in China. From the start the water heater, A.O. Smith, step by step, expanding the field, have entered into clean water, clean air, soft water, heating and other areas, the development of multi-brand home appliances category.

in the field of water purification insight into AO Smith, Chinese consumers want one step to the purification of good and tune into the hot water temperature is ideal, especially families with children, the traditional mode of operation is to "take the water - boil water - back and forth watered down ", the whole process takes 20 minutes or longer. AO Smith water purifier innovation and introduction of hot drinks machines, AO Smith with reverse osmosis water purifier, and featuring high-end smart touch dual-temperature hot and cold faucet, water purification machines can be achieved when connected directly to a hot water, and be able to room temperature, high temperature net water heart switch, let the whole family enjoy safe clean water hot. The AO Smith patents MAX3.0 Plus long-term reverse osmosis water purifier, reverse osmosis membrane life while keeping up to three years, in one fell swoop the net aquatic water rate increased to 75%, net of reverse osmosis to solve the long plagued the industry high water filter and reverse osmosis water efficiency and long life can not coexist problems. A variety of leading technology to develop, make A.O. Smith strong development momentum in less than eight years, it gains market share of 30.6%, ranking first in the industry.

AO Smith water purifier hot drinks machine

Meanwhile, in the commercial field of water purification for large factories, shopping malls, airports, hospital systems, financial systems, campus systems, as well as corporate office oversized load water, drinking water requirements, AO Smith, developed and launched the BDR800-EH30B commercial water purification products, not only has a strong self-clean water, hot water supply capacity, but also has a "central host" feature, trailer and more points a pipeline connected water dispenser, water points to achieve customized layout to meet the large, medium and small business needs.

AO Smith and commercial water purification products

In the field empty net, Chinese residents generally choose to "buy rough housing + personalized home improvement" model, after renovation the prevalence of formaldehyde serious pollution problems. The study found that the early completion of the renovation of the house serious pollution level of formaldehyde concentration of up to 0.2mg / m3 or even higher, over standard abroad several times, and will continue 3--15 years, sewage under high temperature in summer, etc.Dyeing process heavier, great harm to the health of occupants. For this, A.O. Smith blockbuster launch formaldehyde purifiers, as well as new air purifier in addition to formaldehyde, not only can accurately display the concentration of formaldehyde, formaldehyde is more effective removal of pollutants, so that the purification effect of visible, felt. This innovative solution also successfully led an innovative upgrade China cleaner industry. A.O. Smith to market demand-oriented innovation, targeted the solutions into products, making new products by the introduction of widespread concern, the achievements of outstanding performance air purifier industry ranked the top three in just two years.

Smith formaldehyde purifier AO

In addition, AO Smith also introduced innovative cosmetic bath water softener, the water heater is mounted in the front end, the water can be filtered off calcium and magnesium ions, will enter the water heater water treatment to have a moisturizing effect of "soft", allowing the skin to feel the warmth of the bath moisturizing soft and comfortable to create unique quality bathing experience.

bathing beauty AO Smith water softeners

is easy to see, based on in-depth insight into consumer demand, AO Smith has maintained close electrical field of the environment attention. This time, the global production and research base of super completed to provide water treatment, air purification and other innovative technologies more effective support, the AO Smith's electrical business environment to a whole new stage of development, also brought a Chinese market shares strong research and innovation strength, to create a more boutique industry leader.

century-old brand glow stick to research and innovation vitality of the young

A.O. Smith founded 144 years has always focused on research and development, build quality, thus accomplishing a leading position in the industry a century masters. Today, A.O. Smith to lead the industry in hot water, water treatment, air purification, home heating, hot water and other commercial areas, and has 27 factories and offices in 10 countries around the world. A.O. Smith is a New York Stock Exchange listed company (Code AOS), the market value is exceeded $ 10 billion, was selected as the S & P 500 stocks, among the "leading US business club."

In today's era of accelerating technological change, A.O. Smith does not stop at past achievements, but also hopeInnovation as the source for the next hundred years of continuous open a beautiful answer. And one of China as the world's most dynamic markets, A.O. Smith will be the most important strategic location. And then to formaldehyde purifier from the water heater to the gas water heater to a water purifier, A.O. Smith in the lead among foreign brands, has created one after another industry first, is also verified A.O. Smith localization of R & D is correct.

towards the next 20 years in China's development, AO Smith hopes to leading technology, quality products, perfect service to enhance the quality of life of Chinese consumers, and bring hot water, heating, water treatment , air purification, water softener and other beauty integrated system solutions. Century-old brand heritage, young and dynamic research and development, future, A.O. Smith will continue to establish itself in China, writing a brilliant brand. .

A.O Smith Electric global environmental research and production base super

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