Four Seasons song Mu with the latest technology and industry to develop new safety standards for the

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March 5, Twelfth China solar water purifier · Spring Fair in Shandong Linyi began.

as the country's largest and most influential, the most comprehensive level, the most effective turnover of domestic solar water purifier first spring exhibition, the show has always been seen as a high-technology industries, products, business display and exchange platform mode.

In order to promote the exchange industry, Four Seasons song Mu-level security photovoltaic power plant to bring 4S stunning debut this exhibition, the latest technology and safety standards interpretation industry to develop new future.

aerospace core PV modules sparkling debut

development MWT technology leader in the industry

March 5 morning, the Four Seasons song Mu 4S-level security new shocking debut photovoltaic power plant in the spring fair, the product set of high-end brand, with design appearance, the ultimate black technology in one, the first show attracted audience attention.

Oriental Sunrise Chairman Xu cordial exchanges with Liu Zhe, general manager of Shandong Four Seasons song Mu Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

[ 123] Four seasons song Mu staff intent providers introduce photovoltaic products

Four seasons song Mu 4S-scale PV power plant to show

According to the Four seasons song Mu responsible person the current surge in photovoltaic development has come under government policy to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the photovoltaic industry, PV just vent.

but the Four Seasons song Mu believes that the future vitality of photovoltaic products photovoltaic products is the ability to create a truly belongs to the consumer. Based on this concept, since involvement in the photovoltaic industry, the Four Seasons song Mu will adhere to the technology-oriented, the integration of the latest technology and R & D services to end users.

Four Seasons song Mu 4S photovoltaic power plant safety level core component of the debut, is the core aerospace PV modules. A leading international MWT technology, the full name of "metal Wrap Through (metal wrap) back-contact technology", is the national leader plans recommended technologies, products photoelectric conversion efficiency can be increased by 1% -1.5%, will undoubtedly create more wealth value, better service customers.

"4S level" security PV power plant or in industryThe sound development of the new specification

in the national green policies favorable development, market outlets have come today, in order to ensure the healthy development of the industry, technical and safety standards is essential to establish standardized system.

The Spring Fair, Four Seasons song Mu exhibition 4S-level security station, refers to have four "safe (SAFTEY)" power plants, which are preferred hardware security of S1, S2 safety professional design , S3 safe delivery of quality, S4 safe operation and maintenance of command.

From the quality, design, delivery, operation and maintenance of four dimensions ensure the safety of power plants, thus ensuring the interests of consumers.

Four Seasons song Mu 4S-scale PV power plants

scene, industry experts believes that the quality of the hardware PV market chaos, practitioners chaos, chaos installation delivery, after-sales service is chaotic industry can not be ignored. Four Seasons song Mu 4S-level security photovoltaic power plant advocated "4S" level security standards, to address these chaos great benefit, it is expected to become the new industry norm.

this exhibition, the Group of Four Seasons song Mu solar water purification products company and the company were held a grand investment conference. With many years of accumulation of brand influence, excellent product quality and broad market prospects, the scene attracted a lot of attention and intention to join the dealers, and achieved good investment results.

PV investment will be hot spot

water purification company investment will be hot spot

2018 Linyi spring Fair brings together a total of more than 600 brilliant debut domestic well-known enterprises, all kinds of high-end products, innovative technology show off the audience.

on this platform to Four Seasons song Mu as the representative of the leader who no doubt will be able to give full play guiding role model big brands, through effective guidance, demonstration projects, to promote the new standard industrial development, new the standard system is completed, for the country to make greater contributions to the cause of energy conservation.