Dividend peaked lost game in new retail how to break the bottleneck

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winter capital of the arrival of people did not dispel heat for new retail, trapped in the electricity business pain points and problems of people began trying blessing to find the new retail electric providers new path of development era. Whether in the practical application of Ali, Tencent, the Internet giant Jingdong, represented by the blessing of empowerment, new retail or small and medium entrepreneurs to join them, the new retail are more and more into people's lives.

blindly blessing the new retail concept, and not to do real action to promote new retail evolution, will only bring to the new retail concept in the trap. The new so-called retail is not just a concept, it really needs to join them, in order for a new retail presence can become landing. However, from the moment the development of new retail point of view, we have not really seen a real run strictly follow the logic of constructing up new retail presence. The vast majority of new retail market is just a concept only, the actual real action has not really turned on.

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Even at Ali, Tencent and Jingdong, represented by large Internet platform for their new retail still just stay in the layout the level of new retail still did not assume the lead role in the development of the industry, but presented on direction. For entrepreneurs are concerned, they are more like to get involved in new retail electricity providers continue to do things that era through a new concept, in essence did not really touch the essence of the new retail. Only it works blindly and capital flows, and ultimately make more and more like a new new retail concept, from a real floor is still a long way to go.

concept after another, landing difficulties, new retail trapped in the "new"

since that day to start a new retail is proposed, new retail concepts began blowout. However, blindly just the concept of blessing, and not to do things about the new retail floor, the so-called new retail and finally reduced to a false concept, can not really address the plight and problems encountered by the electricity supplier era. When the gap between the concept and the landing large new retail beginning from the initial frenzy return to reason, the new retail presence is no longer to be regarded as a model, but the dust began to fall.

From the beginning it was to Ali, Tencent and Jingdong, represented by the Internet giants continue blessing, aura frequent, and now the capital at low tide, landing difficulties, new retail is one step awayUnder the altar. In addition to Internet giants out of their own slow steps forward, other so-called new retail projects almost always return to the traditional electricity supplier in logic. Visible, so-called new retail is not a simple idea, a direction will be able to reach, and when the new retail is no longer "new", its charm will cease to exist. Recalling the moment the plight of new retail sectors suffered the moment, we can see that the current major new retail trapped in the no longer "new."

no new retail support new technologies, just a continuation of Internet technology. Although we all know that new retail determining its essential difference between the electricity supplier, but the new technology requires a certain period from germination to maturity. For electricity suppliers expect to crack the dilemma through a new era of retail people are concerned, they do not have much time and effort to the development of new retail and distribution, will continue to do just landed a new retail with Internet technology. When the new retail concept of the lack of support of new technologies, it will inevitably fall into the stereotypes in the electricity business.

the moment we see a new species to the contents of the retail electricity supplier, electricity supplier for the social representatives, is that under the guise of a new retail concept only, there is not really new technology as a support landing, it will eventually reduced electricity supplier dependency. Just to be seen as a new retail concept, the lack of new technology as a footnote, the so-called new retail will eventually become a continuation of the electricity supplier. And we in the new retail floor is the lack of new technology as a support, so that just a new retail concept only.

out of the promotion of new technologies, the lack of a blessing of new technology, so-called new retail will evolve into a false concept, substantial progress can not be obtained. This is perhaps Ali, Tencent set up in the roots of Taiwan's technology lies in the organizational restructuring. Only really play in the promotion of new technologies among new retail floor, to make did not become a new retail concept, but became a visible, tangible, felt a new presence.

did not have a new retail supply much of an impact on the upstream side, a platform is still evident. The reason why there is such a huge new retail development will impact the industry, which is a very important reason is that it can produce deep impact on the upstream industry of the B-side to change the way the output of goods and modes of supply of traditional industries, so that goods more precise correspond to user needs in consumption in production. From the logical point of view, if the lack of new retailThe impact of the supply side of the upstream, blindly build a platform, so-called new retail only become a commodity interfacing with a user platform, which can not affect the B-side to the industry. The new retail this time actually did not have too many essential difference between the electricity supplier, the role of the platform is still evident.

New Retail species

, yet in terms of impact to some extent on the B-side new retail industry can not be called in the strict sense. Because most new retail-based business model is S2b mode, the so-called S2b mode is to use new technologies, new tools and new logic for the B-side depth industry influence, not just blindly to get traffic, in essence, not really and change the industry itself.

If the new retail transformation from a B-side for the industry, blindly get traffic, then the so-called new retail can only be regarded as a concept, but this so-called concept just get a traffic entrance only. Therefore, from the current reality of the new retail not too much depth on the B-side industry changes, the new retail is not new, just to get traffic for the continuation of the electricity business thinking purposes only.

Retail not really new to the user experience to bring disruptive change, user pain points remain. For the origin of new retail produce, many people will drop it down to the user experience in the electricity supplier era, when the user no longer seek to quickly and easily purchase merchandise, they began to pursue a new kind of shopping experience. This new shopping experience is based on a new retail system constructed together, if only just to create a concept, rather than doing real things to enhance the user experience, not only the so-called user experience and can not be raised due to new retail, but rather because of new retail continued to decline.

we see that despite the fact that there are a lot of new technology to enhance the user experience continues to be applied, but the user's shopping experience is still with the electricity supplier era and there is no difference, just some of the main concepts of the new technology only. When the so-called user experience and not because of new retail has been improved and upgraded, and new retail floor can not really just a concept and will turn out to be a gimmick, not really able to become a presence landing.

we see now whether it is a box of fresh raw horse Ali Jingdong or unmanned restaurant, we are actually in a new retail floor to bring new experience to users. However, although Ali and Jingdong try to bring a new experience,But these experiences have a long way to go from the new retail real sense of the experience. Thus, the user pain points remain. When the new retail unable to bring disruptive change to the user when the so-called new retail has not really landing.

When the new retail concept we were confused by the complicated mess, floor new retail and difficult time, the so-called new retail will no longer "new." This is why no shelves, no fundamental reason supermarket into difficulties after a fanatic boost the development of the capital. Visible, the moment the new retail development model can not be regarded as a new retail development in the right way. The so-called new retail necessarily need to be further improved, in order to truly evolved into a disruptive presence can bring change to people's lives.

from the outlet to the dilemma, how to break the bottleneck of new retail?

When Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet giants continue to Jingdong blessing of new retail, people see which of the enormous development potential. However, due to cling to power development mode of business for lack of new retail floor, and eventually begin to enter new retail bottleneck period after a capital frenzy.

depth enabling the B-side is the right way of new retail development. No matter how cool the new retail, how subversive, for lack of a deep transformation of the B-side of the industry, the so-called new retail electricity supplier to both will fall into cliche in.

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