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Antibiotics to solve the pollution problem to solve 2015 new water purification antibiotic pollution into clean water by 2015, new issues compared to drinking fountains, water purifiers to improve water quality in a more direct way, water can be seen in the appliance store, from the pre-filter to central water to the central water softener until the last pass of straight drinking fountains cleaning function more comprehensive, from the kitchen to cook vegetables, use the bathroom to shower purification, then wash laundry, and finally turned on the tap shunt can also be achieved directly drink straight drink machine, water purifier on the issue of improving water quality and water supply, it has formed a product system, and is committed to creating a home water purification system, to thoroughly improve household water quality problems. Water purifier is not so much to acquire a new type of home appliances, as it is in the construction of a new room concept, this concept gradually been adapted to and accepted by more and more people began to try filtration and purification from water, using more suitable quality of life, or direct drinking water purifier has been slowly integrated into the home life. Water purifier to enter China three decades, from luxury to gradually become necessities. On the one hand is the improvement of living water for the consumer the ability to greatly enhance; on the other hand, the quality of life is reduced because of a variety of air and water pollution continue to occur, making it difficult to enjoy a comfortable life, so household net water is an inevitable choice. In 2014, a large number of investors in the water purifier who earn a lot of money, a lot of people, but also gain even joined the line a lot. Bumper year in 2015 and the advent of a water purifier, this year, will solve the pollution of antibiotics is the solution to pollution of new issues.