Yuanyang County One Foundation -Project Purity- started to implement the project successfully comple

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One fund clean water projects, it is Jet Li's One Foundation Shenzhen Charity Foundation initiated the launch of public projects, the projects worth a total of 800,000 yuan Yuanyang County, water purification equipment to 20 primary schools. Yuanyang clean water projects in the county government's help and support, hope that by the public service center in Yuanyang County, led the Communist Youth League Committee of Yuanyang County Yuanyang County Board of Education and implemented jointly with the implementation. Since January 2, after 10 days of hard work, the county's 20 rural primary schools all water purification equipment installation starts, one fund staff and equipment maintenance related to safe water and health training for school personnel responsible for .


Start One Foundation "Project Purity" project implementation, promote the improvement of the quality of drinking water and drinking water safety on campus, the school teachers and students to improve the conditions of drinking water and drinking habits, promote campus health, strengthen children's health behavior habits, improve students' drinking water safety awareness, develop good health and hygiene habits. Allow teachers and students to drink more clean drinking water, clean people do have clean hearts, and establish a correct concept of "water conservation, protection of water resources," the.

"Junior strong Guoqiang," concerned about the next generation of health care is the community's responsibility and mission. Yuanyang hope public service center sincerely thank the One Foundation project team day and night efforts to pay personally to each school project staff the project point of patient and meticulous explanations use and maintenance of water purifier, guarantee "Project Purity" long-term effective use; hope the recipient schools to manage and use well water purification equipment, at the same time hope that more social forces to join the ranks of rural poverty, helping to win the battle poverty alleviation; let rural students to drink clean water, clean thrive in the midst of paradise, it is the greatest reward of public persons.