How to choose to suit their own water purifier

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At present, due to my country's water pollution is very serious, more and more families began to focus on drinking water safety issues. Many families started buying bottled water, bottled water, but the price is relatively high, many families can not afford. Then, purifier is a good choice. But the water purifier on the market a variety, a lot of people do not know how to buy water purifiers, water purifier how to choose what is good has become many people's problems.
First of all, the time to buy water purifier water purifier water quality should choose their own home. For example, your own home is water, and water quality has been pretty good. This time choose to purchase a relatively inexpensive water purifier ultrafiltration membrane is better, mainly cost-effective. Second, if the home drinking water purification, water purifier so what is good? For this case should also consider whether their homes have received chemical contamination of well water, if they are not contaminated, you can choose a relatively inexpensive coarse filter water purifier. Such water purifiers the filter can effectively clean water of the sediment.
what is good for heavily polluted well water purifier? In fact, for this case, it is recommended to select RO reverse osmosis water purifier, water purifier that can effectively filter out various chemical ions and microorganisms in the water, we can guarantee the safety of drinking water usually greater extent, net water is very good very worthy choice.