Family central water purifiers and central water purifier

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family central water purifier

family central water purifier is specially purified water treatment system central intelligence household water. Family Central Water Purifier can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine and odor of water, reduce water hardness, to meet the family to drink, cooking, bathing, laundry and other water needs all-round healthy life, to achieve "full house clean water, family health "goal. Central intelligence water treatment system


Central Water Purifier

Central home water purifier is designed domestic water purification.

Central home water purifier can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine and odor of water, reduce water hardness to meet the household drink, cooking, bathing, washing with water, such as full healthy living the need to reach "the whole house clean water, family health" goal.


by the oxidation of the copper-zinc alloy filter - reduction reaction and purified water adsorption capacity of activated carbon.

Central Water Purifier

Central water purifier is a water treatment device. Central Water Purifier can be divided into two major categories. 1. Without ultrafiltration central water purifier, the main ingredients are: activated carbon, KDF activation mineralization ball medical stone balls, etc. 2. With the central water purifier ultrafiltration membranes: The main ingredients are: activated carbon activated ball KDF hollow membrane mineralization ball medical stone like! Application

1 central water purifier without ultrafiltration membrane can effectively remove the chlorine in water, chloroform, rust, heavy metals, viruses and algae, suspended solids heterochromatic smell, so that the treated water clear and clean! mainly for household domestic water handling! generally installed next to the inlet! mainly used in homes, hotels and the like school

2 . ultrafiltration membrane with a central water purifier can remove bacteria! but also can achieve the above effect! generally used for comparison large domestic water, the main purpose is used to drink directly!

central water mounting before


central water treatment installation diagram

First, the site survey

1, the installation to arrange engineering and technical personnel to the customer site and decoration company responsible for water and electricity (or itemProject Manager) communicate (to find the person responsible for the property management company and hydropower), first find the total household water meter and valve position have been staying.

2, compliance inquiries to customer feedback, to determine the central placement of the water purifier. Generally placed not far from the meter and valve, and easy to discharge water. Specific in the kitchen, the storage room, garage, balcony and garden.

3, detailed record home pipe diameter and pipe materials (PVC, PPR, the abundance of copper or the like), a crude estimate about the desired material, and make a record, as the drawing installation Figure pipeline and ready for installation.

4, the central water purifier outfall purifier outlet is lower than the control valve surface, if higher, preferably on a one-way valve outfall.

5, the central water purifier minimal installation space for the 600 * 600 * (h + 300) mm, h is the actual height of the center of the water purifier.

6, central water purifier should be avoided from the heat source is too close, not to direct solar radiation onto the product. The central water heater and spaced too close, the check valve must be installed.

Second, the mapping (the client may not need to have already moved)

1, according to the customer site survey results and the original layout water, according to customer requirements Ikea water purifier central placement of the net draw water trap location placement diagram indicating emission direction, outlet position.

2. A case where the distribution of water and water customer points, determine the selection of tube sizes (usually not less than the original home water), drawn piping arrangements based survey data. Labeling diameter, length, and other tubulointerstitial.

3, depicts an exemplary perspective view and FIG out valve bypass valve actually installed (tubes routing decoration installation companies), indicating the height of the central tube and out of the water purifier interface.

Third, construction preparation

1, tool preparation: hacksaw, pvc scissors, forceps 300 * 45, 400 * 40 wrench, pencil, a screwdriver, impact drill, drill, hammer, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, hot melt machines and other gadgets packed with tools.

2, material preparation: three valves, elbows, straight, water, water, tape, etc., according to the line number and material requirements FIGS ready.

3, to prepare a written document: installation and commissioning reports,Sales agreements etc.

4, leaving check: Make sure the customer's name, address, telephone number, check the tools and materials are complete, chronological customer requirements arrived at the scene.

Fourth, the mounting construction

1, installation of the staff should be equipped with two, bring along the required tools and materials to the construction site, first turn off the main inlet valve, arranged in a water purifier according to Figure find a good installation location.

2. Unpack the "manual", "manual control valve", "warranty card", "certificate", etc., to check the appearance of the water purifier, and make a record.

3, according to the main water line to find FIG off position, off the main water valve and connect the bypass valve out, attention bonding process piping layout according to FIG.

4, mounted in a predetermined position of the stationary water cleaner, the inlet and outlet pipe connected, on the line to find the leak or FIG sewage, sewage pipes installed as required.

5, the time until the bonding process required to open the valve of the total households, detecting pipeline leaks, while positive manual purifier, backwash.

Fifth, debugging and explain the

① commissioning: the control valve to the flushing state, until flushing is completed, the control valve is set to the active state, different control valves, according to "manual "requires a good tune control valve, based on customer water consumption, estimated good rinse time, set on the control valve.

② explain: a man-made client when explaining other people clean the recovery installation site. It includes replacement cycle explain the overall performance, and life of each filter media, some of the basic operation of the control valve, and the backwash cycle manual flushing methods, the flushing time adjustment.

③ transfer water purifier "Manual", "control valve Manual", "warranty", "certificate" and other information, fill in installation and commissioning reports indicate the product number, customer signature confirmation. Leave telephone service, customers politely and say goodbye.