Clean water was not easy Hekou my heart in the blood

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You are now safe drinking water do look at the news reports it:? 喝口干净水太不容易 我的心在滴血 喝口干净水太不容易 我的心在滴血

unsafe drinking water which will cause any harm

1, will be drinking unsafe water cause kidney burden, the decline in renal function leading to kidney failure, severe to need a kidney transplant;

2, drinking unsafe water causes cells decreased activity, decreased immune function;

3 the ability to drink unsafe water causes the body to reduce the sensitivity to environmental change, from harm's decline.

authority reported: People used to drink boiled water, and contaminated tap water alum, rust, chlorine, trihalomethane, heavy metals lead, mercury and some bacteria, viruses, etc., that can not be removed by boiling. Related


喝口干净水太不容易 我的心在滴血

you know the shelf life of bottled water do

China Jiangsu network reported that: bottled water, pre-opening shelf life is generally 1 months, after opening 10 days the total number of bacteria on all exceeded.

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