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Water on the human body in the end how important water on the human body in the end how important how people want to drink? Water is a basic ingredient of which all organisms. Whether it is animals or plants, are water maintain basic life activities. People can be several days without food, not one day of dry, so water is the source of life, water is also one of the most essential human nutrients. Person's weight about 70% water. Different water content with age, sex and physical condition varies. Brain tissue containing about 85% water, blood contains about 90% water, the water is the major component of the body cells and fluids. The main body of water in combination with proteins, lipids or carbohydrates to form a colloidal state. The total amount of water is about 50% of human intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid remaining 50% of the cells include interstitial fluid, blood plasma, to maintain the balance of the environment within the body of water and electrolytes. Water is the absorption of nutrients, nutrient transport medium, but also a vector excrete waste, the process water through the human body by metabolism of the cycle is completed. In this process, water also has a body heat, regulating body temperature, lubricate joints and internal organs, and so the role, it is essential to human life, if water loss of 10% -20%, will be life-threatening. So, water is the source of life is not too much of. Normal daily dietary intake of food and drinking water in adults is approximately 2500 ml / day, how much water intake in general should discharge water balance and body daily. Such as adult daily average of about 1,500 milliliters of urine, skin and respiratory tract discharge about 800 ml, 100-200 ml of feces, a total of about 2500 ml. Therefore, the normal need to drink about 1500 ml of water a day in addition to meals, about 6-8 glasses of water to meet the needs of human metabolism. Since water is so important to humans, so people on the quality of water is a critical issue daily intake, it is directly related to people's health. A large number of ancient and modern records have, whether it is "longevity village", is still endemic in some parts, and the reasons are related to local drinking water, good water brings health, polluted water brings disease. Therefore, drinking is not harmful to human health but also beneficial to the health of people today water is an urgent need.