Water purifier manufacturers rely on to win the inter-brand competition

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In recent years, the water purification industry is outside the industry looking on, some well-known traditional home appliance industry brands have entered the water purification industry, fierce competition with traditional water treatment business. Competition in the final analysis is the competition between manufacturers of water purifier brand, water purifier manufacturers that rely on inter-brand competition to win it?


First, the strong technical force

the reason why consumers believe that traditional water treatment business, mostly believe their technology and quality, Deng Xiaoping also said that technology is the primary productive forces, then how about the water purification technology is considered the minds of consumers good brand?

1, the most basic water quality after the purification of water purifiers require compliance, such as water quality water machine can be used TDS test pen, qualified its water quality TDS to ensure that the value is 20 or less, and UF water purifier can be used to detect the test liquid chlorine.

2, starting from the work of quality water purifiers, water purifiers such as whether the water leakage occurs, it is not enough precision water purifier main assembly, material quality or used for non-compliance leads. Water purifier frequent failures directly affect the water purifier brand impression in the minds of consumers, and professional water treatment companies generally pen cross-industry business better.

Second, improve the service

water purifier consumer service in the current suffering of criticism, most of the water purifier sales service to consumers are not satisfied with water purifier , so the water purifier sales service is very important, because the water purifier sales service is also subject to certain technical impact, so professional water treatment business compared to the cross-industry household electrical appliance enterprises, in a service What similarities and differences it? general service requires implementation of three packs of national policy, but also the need for regular customers pay a return visit to help customers solve problems during use, and so on.