How about Haier water purifier

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Haier water purifier relying on the Haier Group, Haier Group has high-quality resources, Haier escalating change itself, giving users an unprecedented ecological wisdom family experience, to meet the user's vision of the ideal home. Select brands to join is quite tricky. Haier Haier brand water purifier has its own brand, Haier water purifier with efficient logistics, 83 distribution centers (TC), 300 a million square meters of warehouse resources, 36 Device Center, more than 6,000 service outlets, 13,000 It can deploy vehicles nationwide vehicle resources. Haier water purifier good resources, co-global R & D resources, 10 large comprehensive research and development center, six design divisions, the 18th largest design centers, 28 international R & D institutions, more than 300 international designers, to ensure that Haier's unique brand personality. [Intention to join Form] haier [/ intention to join Form] Haier Haier water purifier good service to undertake the service entirely by the Haier service outlets, to achieve 24-hour response, by about delivery, sending loaded synchronous professional pre-sales advice and after-sales service. (Photos from the network, intrusion deleted) Haier brand licensing and use of the advantages of investment, the success of Haier water purifier to join, you can get the Haier brand licensing and use of water purifiers can also get the right to operate Haier water purification agent in the region, franchisees can use to enhance the promotion of business franchise's influence and appeal, Haier to provide protection area, in the business area of ??no cross-reset. Haier store brand added requirements, we can provide standard store design renovation program, helping form a unified end brand image. Haier also provide training to help franchisees to provide white shopping guide, business, service training. Haier to provide store management operations support, including the provision of leading storefront management and marketing support business strategy. Haier Haier approval required to join the business philosophy, then there is a good brand management ability, long-term brand awareness experience, a certain financial strength and orangutans, able to complete a good basic sales tasks set by the company, franchise stores to create the image in line with Haier's image, franchisees need to have team-building experience, a good business reputation and professionalism as well as personal reputation. Haier water purifier to join is the choice for you, you want to join, please call the hotline at 400-061-8777 to join, you do not want to call also can leave a message and counseling. (Article from the network, intrusion deleted)