Replace the water purifier filter is important to note that these three points

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There is a growing emphasis on healthy drinking water, the installation of a water purifier is no longer a novelty. Filter is the core of water purifiers, largely determines the quality of the drinking water, so we need the extra attention. When replacing water purification filters, we should pay attention to what matters it?


to replace the water purifier filter Note these three points is very important

[123 ] 1, and a good amount of the original size when the size of the filter cartridge of the water purifier size

is performed to replace the filter, when the length of the new cartridge can not increase with a rubber mat to solve.

2, properly installed water purifier filter

To straighten out after the installation when installing the cartridge, the offset easily occurs particularly at the bottom, with the other to be at hand when screwing the bottle filter feeling, not hard twist when screw fixed to unscrew the filter bottle filter being put heart back, so as not to damage the filter.

3, after repeated washing water purifier filter installation

After the installation is complete, rinse to be repeated in order to access the system after rinsing stage, the rinsing disconnected under a pipeline, the RO stage to rinse with power,

UF water purifier inlet valve can simply open the flushing, the flushing time at least 5 minutes after completion of the flushing process can access to the subordinate system.

Further, in general PP filter needs to be replaced three months, six months carbon filter needs to be replaced, depending on the material to be replaced. Above water purifier filter replacement need to pay attention, you remember it?