Water purification installation necessary- Not to use the body as a filter!

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You should water purifier useless, right? Care should be for water quality "drinking water" began, a group aimed at improving the quality of drinking water partner had been born back in the late 1980s. Tap water, bottled water, drinking fountains appear indeed to some extent, improved the human environment of drinking water, but its inevitable pipeline of secondary pollution, toxic barrels exposure incident after another, people began to place their hopes in the water purifier, increasingly the more and more families begin to pay attention and to install water purifiers. Secondary pollution of water, a long pipe and a secondary pressurized tank, such harmful substances in water 765 species, of which 20 kinds of acknowledgment induced ai, 24 variety of suspicious induced ai, 18 Species induced stones, about 80% of the disease especially chronic diseases because of water pollution caused. Traditional forms of boiling water can not completely kill the bacteria, and the water boiled loses large amounts of oxygen, it is not conducive to human consumption. Bottled water is the most obvious secondary pollution, national surveys show that bottled water Sancheng failed, which far exceeded the number of colonies group, in addition to production reasons, most of which are the cause of the barrel. The water purifier as an effective home water treatment device, it can improve water quality, but also the best choice instead of bottled water, especially for the modern family, it is essential to install water purifier. After invisible pollution is more horrible water disinfection by chlorine can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances, chemical pollution, physical pollution can not be eliminated simply by high temperatures, do you think clean water, mixed thousands of contaminants, invisible, all the more easy to overlook the passage of time will form the body irreparable harm. According to World Health Organization (WHO) studies show that the most effective way is to install a terminal in household water purifiers, water depth purification in the terminal part, effectively separating and removing all types of contaminants, such as bacteria, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sediment and other impurities in the water and harmful substances, can fully solve the secondary pollution of tap water. Water purifiers use a lot of low-cost, water taste good, indirectly drink without boiling, it is ideal for families with drinking water treatment equipment.