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Water industry darling Guangdong Bili Drinking Water Equipment Co. start another darling of the media storm water industry in Guangdong Bili Drinking Water Equipment Co. start another media storm August 1, 2014, many articles Guangdong Bili Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Bailey ") as the central topic of the news industry competing debut in the major media, including large nets, drinking water network, China hotel purchase News and other water industry well-known media published an article reporting the latest News Guangdong Bailey's. Insiders call it "Bailey storm," the initiator Guangdong Bili since June of this year, Shanghai Water Show has attracted wide attention, not only strong Guangdong Bailey held a new conference in Shanghai on water show, to present businesses friends bring visual feast and technology, also held on-site drinking water purification ceremony planned joint cooperation with One Foundation, it is worth mentioning that this feat has also been recorded as a charitable public service ads on central television CCTV-1 channel playback. In July, its industrial park in Guangdong Bailey held the first public drinking water equipment technology seminar, invited the Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University professor and doctoral tutor Zhansheng, China CDC director E Miller, Chinese net water experts and other web editor eismowe water industry experts to visit a number of seminars and lectured to accelerate the development of innovative public drinking water equipment technology footsteps, for the overall development of the water industry painting on thick. News reports constantly, in fact, closely linked with the Guangdong Bili brand awareness. Thriving water industry, not only the survival of tens of millions of distributors manufacturers, and also on the health problems of drinking water billions of people. With large and small businesses have invested in the water sector utilities, water industry faces enormous innovation and subversion, water can carry a boat can capsize, water is not a tool, boats sailing on the water is unrealistic. Guangdong Bili since its inception in 2001, the corporate philosophy to represent the development requirements of healthy drinking water to represent energy-efficient products to the fundamental interests of the user's behalf pride for the community to manufacture a batch of energy security, health, rest assured that drinking water equipment for the community to cultivate a batch of outstanding innovative talents. Guangdong Bili As a leader in drinking water equipment manufacturing, Virtuous just two words to explain the real reason Guangdong Bailey as the darling of the media.